Welcome to Pinz Nation

I  have always had a fascination with Disneyland, as well as the more recent Disney California Adventure.

These theme parks have all the makings of a disaster.  Long lines, hot weather, high prices, throngs of strollers, sometime four (yep, I have seen it) wide. It tests, your endurance, your patience, your hydration levels…

And yet, proof positive that the Disneyland Resort is a magical place?  Everybody is so happy.  Happy to stand in line. Happy to be patient. Happy to spend five bucks on a soda.  Happy to walk all day in the heat and happy to come back the next day.  It is truly amazing.

Have you ever left the park and had a suddenly jarring feeling of being back in reality and you leave the park and travel the streets of Anaheim?  It is indescribable, but you feel it.  Yet more proof positive that the Disneyland Resort is a magical place.

So many great stories and memories for me come from this park.  From back when I was a young child, to now being a   parent of my own child and experiencing the park through their eyes for the first (and now second) times.

I love reading stories about the park and figured that I would like to jump in and share some of mine as well.

Welcome to Disney Pinz Nation.  This site is dedicated to the amazingly addictive and fun hobby of pin collecting.

You see, during out last family visit to Disneyland Resort, I became fascinated by the pin trading culture.  What started as buying a lot of pins of Ebay for child to trade (we’ll get to scrappers in another post) has now become the beginnings of my own personal collection.  Quite simply, pins are fun.  And there are SO MANY of them that it is a never-ending learning experience and a great hobby.

My posts will explore upcoming Disney pin releases, collection tips and tricks (like how to avoid scrappers), series collections, and also posts regarding my own humble beginnings of a collection. I may wander here and yonder on a Disneyland whim from time to time as well. Welcome to my blog.  I hope you will enjoy it, and I hope you will follow it as well.

Thanks for reading, Pinz Nation!


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