The Avalanche Pin: Do You Remember Your First?


av·a·lanche [av-uh-lanch, -lahnch]


1.a large mass of snow, ice, etc., detached from a mountain slope and sliding or falling suddenly downward.

2.anything like an avalanche in suddenness and overwhelming quantity: an avalanche of misfortunes; an avalanche of fan mail.

Can you recall the first pin of your collection? The initial purchase or trade that inadvertently triggered and released thousands upon thousands of colorful Disney trinket collection options upon you, completely enveloping and smothering you in absolute Disney pin mania?  Do you remember your avalanche pin?

While this no doubt may seem a bit on the dramatic side, pin collecting can certainly take the uninitiated novice by storm.  I am a proof-positive example of this phenomenon. Since my first pin purchase just under two months ago, I have spent endless hours online researching  ad nauseam the in’s and out’s, up’s and down’s and round and rounds of this amazing hobby.

Perhaps the most amazing part all is that I almost never became a pin collector at all.  I was only a mere few hours away from the end of my vacation when I finally got the bug, or rather the bug got me.  I was spending a few more hours in the enjoyable Downtown Disney district, and was almost on my way to the airport and back to reality.

Almost. But then it caught my eye.

This pin absolutely grabbed me.

During my Disney week, I had casually glanced over the large selection of pins available at merchants shops throughout both parks. While I certainly developed  a curiosity about the hobby by observing other patrons eagerly scanning the available wares, nothing really “spoke” to me.

After checking out of our hotel on the last day of vacation, my family and I decided that the most suitable way to ease the sadness of leaving this magical place was to spend a little more time in Downtown Disney in order to experience just a tiny taste more.

We took my child to the Lego store.  The hardest part about taking a child into the Lego store is getting the child out of the Lego store! My spouse agreed to hang back with my kid while I ventured outside a bit.  Directly across from the Lego Store is Pin Traders.  I wandered by, again drawn in, but not necessarily compelled to make a purchase. But suddenly I spotted the Poster Series pin sitting within a glass case off to the left side of the register.  I eased in for a closer look and was astounded at what I saw.

The concept of this pin series is really creative. The canvas, the border, and the easel all work well to create a true presentation piece. Beyond the concept, the design is even more spectacular.  There is a LOT going on in this pin as pie-eyed Mickey is surrounded by an absolute jumble of silhouettes, attractions, characters, and other various hidden elements woven cleverly into the canvas. I absolutely love that every time I take a moment to look at this pin, I notice something different!

And the rest is history.  This one pin opened Pandora’s Box to a whole new world of pin collecting possibilities.  I never know when, where, or which pin will grab me next, but I look forward to it and the thrill of the hunt.

Do you remember your avalanche pin?  I would love to hear your story!


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