Collectable Series: What a Waste!

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”

——-Tom Zart

So, what trash is your treasure? More specifically, what trash can is your treasure?

When I began my collection, I made the conscious decision to make every pin matter. I want each pin, when viewed, to evoke a memory or emotion from my visits to the Disneyland Resort.

Attraction pins achieve this.  Food pins as well.  Disneyland logo pins?  Absolutely.  But trash can pins… really? Trash can pins?

You bet!

I bumped into a few of these the other night as I scanning Ebay for the next great purchase.  The first pin I saw was Frontier Land.

Immediately, memories flooded into my head.  After all, I have deposited my fair share of turkey legs into this very receptacle. Not to mention a half-eaten chimichanga (not my favorite) or two (hey, I had to give it another shot). Disney trash cans are actually pretty cool.

Who knew?

It turns out a lot of people!  from various blog entries on the subject to full sites dedicated to the art form, Disney trash cans have developed somewhat of a cult following.

Therefore it was only natural that Disney create and release this incredibly unique and popular Cast Member Series of  Disneyland trash cans pins.  This LE 3000 series, released in 2001, consists of 10 of the most exceptional designs in the park:

Haunted Mansion
Main Street
New Orleans Square
It’s a Small World
Toon Town

The Matterhorn

Nine of these 10 receptacle pins feature a swinging hinge door for throwing away garbage. The exception of the series is the Tomorrowland pin, which is recycle only hole located at the top of the pin.

Do you subscribe to the trash can hype, or is this post just garbage?  Which trash can speaks to you?

Your favorite not listed here?  Check out this thorough photo shoot of trash cans throughout both Disneyland Resort Parks courtesy of


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