Disney Pin Collecting Tip #1

What does your collection mean to you?

Being a novice collector of Disney pins, I am constantly seeking out great tips and tricks to aid me in charting a safe course though the waters of the Disney pin universe. Along the way, I discovered a gem of a website that is pintalk.com, a discussion forum filled with many knowledgeable pin traders that are more than willing to help answer your questions and offer some friendly advice. There is always something new and interesting to be learned. I highly recommend that you check it out…after you finish this post!

Shortly after joining the forum, I posed the question “What is the best way to start collecting pins?” Not surprisingly, the good Samaritans at Pintalk came to my aid by offering some great nuggets on how to make the most out of the hobby.

Having discovered hobby pitfalls in the past,I really value good, sound advice, especially in regards to Disney pins. I would like to take the opportunity to pass along some of the best tips that you can utilize when starting you new adventure.

Tip #1 – Define your collection

Way back when, I used to collect baseball cards. In the beginning, I was so enamored by all the product lines. Each product contained special cards and inserts. There was real excitement and the thrill of the unknown every time you opened a pack.

As a result, I collected EVERYTHING. I spent more money than I would rather admit, and ultimately I was left with a sick feeling in my stomach. Most importantly, I did not relate to my collect. When I could not relate to my collection, it quickly became…stuff. Then this stuff got shoved away in a closet and ignored. It was a rather empty feeling, both inside me and in my wallet!

So what do you want to collect?

They are literally endless directions you can take your collection. Characters, events, rides, pieces of rides, movies, pieces of movies, anniversaries, Limited edition, open edition, chasers, cast pins, hidden mickeys…you get the picture.

What speaks to you? Pick a few and get started! Disney trash cans? Go for it! Malificent? Figment? Ezra? Space Mountain? Thunder Mountain? Stitch? Stitch on Thunder Mountain?

Whatever path you choose to travel, the key is to make it count.

Make it matter. Relate to it. Enjoy the journey.


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