POMC: Disney Tiki Anniversary Pin Trifecta


Even the best laid plans sometimes fall to pieces.

When making the fateful decision to dive full-on into pin collecting, My golden rule was that I would pace myself, take my time, do my research, set a budget, and run the marathon, not the sprint.


Shortly after starting my collection, I discovered DisneyParksmerchandise.com/pins, which lists future (and past) releases for the Disneyland parks. This site is an excellent resource to plan ahead for what pins are releasing and when. The site also allows you to purchase any LE pins 30 days after they go on sale at the park.  Just don’t be surprised if they are sold out, which is often the case.

Part of my collection definition is Disneyland and California Adventure attraction anniversary pins. As I searched the Disney Parks Merchandise website for month of June releases, it turned out that there was a significant milestone anniversary celebration in the works for the Disneyland Tiki Room, celebrating its 50th anniversary.

As I flipped through the pages of upcoming pins, I first saw…


Chip and Dale Tiki Room Dole Whip pin. Dole Whips might possibly be the greatest word of mouth success story ever. At the end of the day it may just be pineapple flavored frozen yogurt (or ice cream), or whatever it is, but have you ever rounded the corner from the plaza into Adventureland and seen the massive line queued up for this treat?

Conversations go something like this…

“what is that line all about”?

“I think it is for the Tiki Room”.

“No, I am pretty sure that is down further. I think it is for that food stand. They have ice cream or something”.

“Hmm, well whatever it is, it must be good.Let’s get in line”.

And this happens over and over and over all day long.

So are Dole Whips good? Absolutely yes! Though to be quite fair, anything cold on a scorching day after waiting in line for 30 minutes is going to be amazing. Still, I do love a food Dole Whip from time time!

When I saw this pin, my heart soared!

…there were only 500 of them in existence.

My heart sank.

Given that you cannot purchase a new release pin until 30 days after release, I knew that I had exactly 0.00% chance of obtaining one through the parks. Also, being new to this hobby, I really had nothing to trade either.

Nope, if I was to obtain said pin, it was to be through the ‘Bay…and it was going cost.

Alright, no problem. I told myself to simply save up for a few weeks and this would be my big splash purchase for the month, and a piece of history as well.  Totally justifiable.

Then I click on the next page of pins and see this…


SHAG LE 250 Tiki Room Exterior Anniversary Pin.

“wow”, was the first word out of my mouth, quickly followed by “uh-oh”.

I loved several things about this pin.  First, the color scheme is just beautiful and just nice to look at.  Second the bamboo border is extremely original and really compliments the unique design.  Third, I really appreciate the fact that the artist felt no need to directly connect this to the Tiki Room Anniversary.  The image is subtle and tells its own story, and I love it.

And I had to have it.  Well…maybe I could use next months pin budget as well!

And wouldn’t you know it, the very next pin on the website was good ol’ Jose


Tiki Room Anniversary LE 1500 Jose Dangle


I gave up.  This was yet another fantastic pin, and honestly the one pin of the three that I think will really hold up over time as “the” 50th Anniversary pin.  Every detail of this pin really jumps out and just makes this such a great addition to my collection.  I love the dangle design, however I am a bit concerned with the strings that attach the dangle to the pin.  It just seems somewhat low quality and looks like it could tear easily.  Gotta be careful with this one!

So there you have it.  Yep, I definitely went a little bananas with this anniversary offering. But Disney did such a fantastic job with all of these pins (as well as many others) that I really can’t say I feel even a tiny bit of buyers remorse.  And as a collector of anniversary pins, 50 is pretty special.

So thank you Disneyland for these fantastic pins.  Here’s to the next great anniversary celebration.  Splash Mountain, I’m lookin’ at you!


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