Collectible Disney Pin Series: Dead Rides Part 3

Our Dead Ride Disney pin series concludes with three more Disney attraction that hit their expiration date.

Dead Rides  Adventures Thru Innerspace

Disney took advantage of the Omnimover system (the same as used in the Haunted Mansion ride) as well as the voice the Haunted Mansion ride Paul Frees, to create this amazing adventure of miniature proportions. The premise of the attraction was to allow guests the experience of shrinking down to the size of an atom as you explore the makeup of tiny snowflakes.

While I have no recollection of ever riding Adventures Thru Innerspace, I can imagine riding along with the spectacular visual effects accompanied by the thought-provoking questions of scientist host Paul Frees.

Cause of death?  While I can imagine that the special effects became slightly dated, the premise was solid enough.  No, the true cause of death for Adventure thru Innerspace was the unstoppable train that was George Lucas and the unstoppable vehicle that is Star Wars.  As you can see in the above photo (minus a million strollers), Innerspace sat in the current location of Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.

In true Disney tradition, a piece of Adventures in Innerspace lives on in the current Star Wars attraction.  A main player in the attraction, the Mighty Microscope makes an appearance on an under-construction Death Star above the planet of Geonosis.

Next time I visit the planet, I will be sure to verify that for you.

Dead Ride Skyway

I love pins that remind me of my youth. The Disneyland Skyway is one of my earliest memories of Disneyland. While I have no idea how old I was at the time, I have a very vivid memory of travelling through the center of the Matterhorn, and being terrified by the howl of the Yeti, which in turn was terrifying the riders in their bobsleds as they zinged throughout the cavernous maze.

The Skyway was actually built prior to the Matterhorn…and right in its path as well.  This meant that when construction begin on the Matterhorn, it was actually built around the Skyway, no small feat.

Eventually, stress fractures in the tower rollers began to age this unique attraction to the point of closing it for good in 1994, though I suspect that shenanigans riding above unsuspecting Disney guests might have played a small role in the closure as well.  The Matterhorn holes were patched up and the Skyway is now but a memory (and a very well-hidden tower in Fantasyland).

Dead Rides Country Bear Playhouse

Last, but certainly not least is the Country Bear Playhouse, AKA the Country Bear Jamboree, AKA the “Wildest Show in the Wilderness”!

Country Bear Jamboree was one of my staples as a child.  I saw it many, many times, and looking at photos of some of the bears brings the memories flooding back.  Bear Country Jamboree was so popular when it opened at Walt Disney World, that dual theaters were created to house the attraction at Disneyland.  Another major difference between the park variations is that the Disneyland attraction had the ability to present different programs, much like the Disneyland Haunted Mansion.  An audio change and costume changes allowed for Disneyland to present the Country Bear Christmas Special as well as the Country Bear Vacation Hoedown.

But, as the pin states, “Pooh Happens” and Disneyland closed the Country Bear Jamboree in 2001 to make way for the newest edition to Critter Country, Winnie the Pooh and Friends.

Country Bear Jamboree still lives on in Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disney

And there you have it.  Seven great rides receive their fair due.  This pin series is an excellent example of why I began collecting pins in the first place…to relive the great memories I have from visiting this magical place we call Disneyland.


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