POMC: Main Street USA Station

The perfect beginning and the perfect ending to each day…

There is something magical about Main Street USA. Every morning when waiting patiently to enter the Disneyland park, you just feel the energy from the crowd. Everybody is fired up to begin their adventure. Even those that burnt the candle from both ends just one day early are back in line and ready for round two (or three, or four, or five).

Once inside the gate I always veer to the left, pass the news strand and my favorite sign in the entire park…

Once I pass under the magical arch, the amazing world of Main Street USA opens up before me. I take it all in, observing excited patrons bustling about, doing some early morning shopping, ordering a cup of coffee, or lining up to greet some Disney character favorites. The charm of the scene in front of me is overwhelming. I would be absolutely remiss if I did not include a Main Street Disney pin in my collection.

As I mentally work my way around the scene, many iconic images come to mind like the Main Street Cinema, the Penny Arcade, City Hall…

But by far my favorite part of Main Street USA is the Main Street Station.

Disneyland Main Street Station

Main Street Station is typically the first and last landmark you see during Your Disneyland day, and depending on the time of year, this baby can really shine.

Online “window-shopping” one recent evening I bumped into this retro, stylish tribute to Main Street Station, featuring pie-eyed Mickey. It was a must-have for my collection.
photo (5)

Disneyland Retro Collection – Main Street USA Station

This open edition pin really pops off of the corkboard with it’s amazingly detailed representation of the Main Street Station as well as the unique and colorful retro Disneyland marquee. The back of the pin contains gold backing with no waffle pattern,a single pin post with two nubs, a pin-on-pin Mickey Mouse, and the pin trading logo 2006.


This pin is part of a 2006 retro-style series that celebrated some of the parks original attractions, including the House of the Future, King Arthur Carousel, Mark Twain Riverboat, Skull Rock, Skyway, Swiss Family Treehouse, Submarine Voyage and Sleeping Beauty Castle.

All aboard!


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