My Disney Millennium Gift

Technically it was a Disney souvenir…technically.

During our most recent trip to Disneyland resort, the family and I strolled through Downtown Disney several times. I really love the vibe of DD, especially in the warm evenings after running around the park all day. It’s a nice way to end the day and is a great extension of the Disney experience.

One of the great shops in the DD district is the Lego store. The window and store displays are somewhat of an art form all their own, and there is a massive variety of everything under the moon.
Going into this trip, I wanted to find a unique gift to remember my trip by. I have purchased my fair share of t-shirts, key chains, and magnets over the years, so this trip I committed myself to finding something different.

I had already scored my first couple Disney pins (unknowingly unleashing Disney pin mania upon myself and my household) but was still looking for one more unique item to remember my Disneyland trip by.

Then, walking through the Lego store, I saw it.

Ever since I was a kid I have wanted a Millennium Falcon toy. I grew up on Star Wars and never had the chance to own a Kenner ship. Since Disneyland is a place where you can be a kid again, it began talking myself into the idea that buying this Lego ship was relevant and necessary!

For several days I thought about this purchase and kept running into the same hitch…how was buying the Millennium Falcon going to remind me of my trip to Disneyland? You can get them anywhere, granted it was significantly cheaper at this store than any online price I have found. Still, how could I justify this purchase?

Then it dawned on me…Disneyfy (verb) it.

I came to the conclusion that my Millenium Falcon was going to have some enhancements made to it. Sold!

About a week later it arrived and my kid and I went to work on it. By the way, for whoever decided that this ship could be built in just a few hours clearly did not have the distraction of a four-year old factored in.

Below is the end result!



Look out Lego Hidden Mickey Black Pearl, you are next!


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