Disney Pixar Up pins: "Limited" Collectabiility

Over the years Pixar has put out some amazing movies. I have always been impressed with Pixar’s ability to take toys, bugs, fish, cars, and create amazing characters and emotions that just draw you in to a different world. Pixar flat out knows how to make great movies.

Of all the Pixar classics, I have taken a particular shining to Up. The amazingly creative and endearing tale earned a best picture nomination in 2009.

Likely because of its popularity and recognition worldwide, Pixar Up pins are extremely limited in production and difficult to collect ( for a reasonable price, that is).

Here are a few examples of these amazing ( and rare) pins including the most recent trade/wants ratio according to PinPics.com.

D23 Up All Night Pin – Released at the movie premiere. Limited to 1500 and 3:1 wants/trade ratio

Carl Fredrickson – Limited to 300 pins, and an 8:1 wants/trades ratio
DSF-Kevin– This Paradise Falls resident is Limited to 300 pins and an amazing 32-1 wants/trades ratio!

Russell and Doug: Limited to 300 pins and a 34:1 wants/trades ratio!

Jumbo Carl’s House pin – This pin is a definite Grail of mine.  These are very, very difficult to even locate, much less obtain.  I took a stab at one recently and fell just a bit short.  Limited to 300 pins and a 46:1 wants/trades ratio

While Carl’s Jumbo House pin is definitely a diamond in the rough, hands down, the top dog of all Up pins is…

Dug – Limited to only 250 pins. 170:1 wants/trades ratio!!
Bottom line, these are some highly, highly sought after pins, so if you are lucky enough to have one of these in your possession, congratulations…and send it to me! 🙂 My vote goes to the balloons jumbo pin dangle with house. It would certainly make for a great centerpiece of a pin board collection some day.

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