Waiting is the Hardest Part

All great things come at a cost…

Disneyland rides are timeless treasures keep us coming back time and time again to ride our favorites (and sometimes our not-so-favorites) to experience the joys and thrills and memories of rides past.  Who hasn’t laid out a map the night before entering the park to plan out what rides we want to hit first, and second, and third…

Unfortunately the ultimate ride experience often times comes at a cost.

Yes, money.

But what I am talking about here is time.

This is not always a horrible thing.  People watching is always fun, plus you can strike up some great conversations with line-dwellers as well. You might as well, since you are going to see the same people wrapping back and forth for the next hour anyways!

I have always been amazed at how well Disneyland can hide its lines.  It is really a feat in design.  Just when you think you are near the front, there are always a few extra blind corners, that have a few more wrap-arounds to traverse prior to boarding the ride.  Truly amazing.

In honor of one of the best hidden lines in Disneyland, I recently added this fantastic pin…

photo (11)

Wait Time Sign- Jungle Cruise (I set the dial to 25 minutes before posting on the corkboard.  Optimistic at best.)

This LE 300 pin is perfect pin to represent this ride in my pin collection.  I cannot tell you how many times I have walked to this ride, seen the wait time, peered inside the queue and thought to myself  “there is no way that this is a __minute wait, the line looks practically empty!”  Only to head around the blind corners and WHAM, people everywhere! It winds up, and down, and around, and back up again…truly a remarkable design.

Well played, Disney.

In honor of…well..lines, I have attached several photos of unsuspecting park patrons standing in line at various Disneyland attractions.  See how many you can figure out.  This should not be too tough since, if you’re like me, you have spent plenty of time in them!

What are some of your most memorable lines?


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  1. My last visit to DIsneyland I had three or four people ask me how I got Fastpasses. I have no idea how people tolerate waiting in lines for a whole day. Thanks for the post!

    • Using fastpass is definitely an art form and a great timesaver. I think most past pass distribution centers are reasonably well hidden so the general masses may not know where to find them. I am amazed how often I can walk right up to a machine and get my pass

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