Disney Parks Pin Releases for the Week of July 22nd-July 28th.

After a few weeks in a row of single releases, Disneyland and California Adventure pick up the pace with several new offerings this week starting July 25th. Many of these are open releases as well, so no need to line up before dawn to snag some new metal (although I can think of worse ways to start my day.)

Here are the new releases. Remember that these are for Disneyland and California Adventure only, I cannot vouch for any pin releases west of the Nevada state line.

Window to the magic is a monthly pin series. This month celebrates Alice in Wonderland. While I really enjoy this series, I have to admit I am a bit baffled by this one, as Alice is peeking out of a small house with arms akimbo. A truly odd offering celebrating a movie that celebrates true oddness!

This is a limited release of 1000, so get your hands on one before Alice’s hands run out.

Wave A of the 2013 Hidden Mickey pins hit the stores with two mystery Hidden Mickey pins per packet. This offers you the ability to start your Hidden Mickey collection or to plug any missing holes from collecting within the park or through trades.

Perhaps the most famous and popular of Disney Villains, Maleficent is celebrated this month with a brand new open edition pin.

I really appreciate these pins for their unique shapes and designs that are less common than the typical square (ish) shaped Disney Pin offerings. They add nice variety to pin boards and really stand out, plus Maleficent is bad to the bone.

A classic character offering featuring “create your own” Disney comics using provided Disney cartoon panel. This set features classic Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. It’s always a welcome site to see Disney go back to its roots and celebrate memorable characters.

And of course no release can be complete without a little bit of “aww shucks” thrown in. Pick one up for your sweetheart starting July 25th, but sleep in a little bit since it is an open release.


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