Mickey Mouse Project Begins! Mickey #1

Today begins a plan…two months in the making…

When I began my humble collection, I envisioned a display board filled with pins that celebrate the spirit of the Disneyland Parks.  In the few months since, I feel I have built a solid foundation of my favorite rides and sites around the parks.  While I am continually on the lookout for the next piece of my primary collection, recently I have felt like this is an excellent time to begin my secondary collection as well.

I realized with my first few pin purchases, including my Avalanche Pin, that I have a particular affinity for pie-eyed Mickey Mouse. I think back to the my Disneyland gift choices over the years since I was a kid, and (for the most part) they all featured pie-eyed Mickey.  I feel that this iconic figure deserves his moment in the sun…or at least a pin board on my wall.

The question is…of the multitudes of pie-eyed mouse pins to choose from, which deserve the center spot on the board?  The captain pin, if you will.

Then I found it.  Pie-Eyed Mickey #1


The ‘Original’ Mickey -Disneyland

I love the muted color scheme of this pin.  It has extremely subtle shades of yellow, silver and red.  The 3-D pin effect really make the classic mickey and castle pop off the pin, and the Disneyland logo is just the icing on the cake.  This is the perfect pin to kick of the project!

So when will Mickey #2 surface?


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