Head-Scratching Pins

When you look at the thousands of Disney pins available out there in the world, you have to believe that there is a shiny piece of metal out there for everybody, right? Disney is usually pretty spot-on when creating pin designs that are guaranteed to make all types of pin collectors happy.


However,I do occasionally bump into a pin that makes me wonder exactly who that collector might be.

In my recent efforts to collect pins representing my favorite Disneyland and California Adventure attractions, I turned my gaze towards the ominous Tower of Terror. This attraction sports some really classic pin offerings, from lenticular, to slider, to pin-on-pin, as well as with a wide assortment of Disney characters.

What stands out in my mind most though is the Hollywood Tower Hotel logo. I immediately took a shining to the HTH trash can, with its golden and tan base and burnt orange lettering.

Any Disney trash can pin is a tough find, so when I recently discovered a set of three pins online that celebrate this classic attraction I had to jump.

Let’s look at each of these in closer detail:

Alright, the bread and butter pin. My first trash can pin, and first swinging hinge pin as well. A definite conversation piece. “hey, remember that time I threw my popcorn bag in that trash can…”

The lamppost pin was an intriguing addition as well. I remember this post from the park and was curious to see exactly how detailed the pin looked. I was not disappointed as this pin really pops. I also love the shape as well as it adds a bit of variety to the pin board. Love it!

And lastly we have…luggage? Alright, I get it. It’s a hotel. But where is the connection to Disney. Every time I look closer at this pin I examine the stickers and examine them closely for nods to the park or maybe a hidden Mickey or two. Alas, just colored squares and nothing more than…luggage.

Regardless, all three of these pins shine bright and I am proud to represent this terrifying, adrenaline-rush inducing classic attraction on my pin board!

What Disney pins have you encountered that have you scratching your head?


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