The Cast Lanyard Experiment: Part 3 – Cinderella Chaser

The Cast Lanyard Experiment continues with Part 3.  So for the scrappers have taken and early lead 1-0, so I am hoping for turnaround with the next pin, which is…

photo (2)

WDW – 2011 Hidden Mickey Series – Princess Flowers Collection – Cinderella (CHASER)

Our second pin features a Cinderella Chaser pin from a 2011 Walt Disney World series.  Chaser pins are definitely a sought after item and are somewhat more difficult to locate than their full-color counterparts.  This is certainly a good find!  How does it’s authenticity stack up?

The first thing I notice about this is the weight.  It just feels right.  A lot of scrapper pins are made of an inferior metal and simply feel more flimsy than legitimate pins.

Secondly, the edges are very smooth. Now keep in mind that some of these pins have had difficult lives being passed from one guest to the next, and some natural wear and tear can be expected. But with scrappers you can definitely feel some sharp burrs on the edges, of which this pin has none.

Third, the description of the back of the pin fits the bill, and does not seem to have the scrunched lettering of the Tinker Bell pin.

Furthermore, the pin has a nice shine to it.  Most scrappers tend to have a bit of a dull appearance to them.

Finally, the pin backing seems firm and a bit (longer?) than the fake Tinkerbell pin.  Again, I have nothing to back up this point as a deciding factor in real vs. fake, but I do find it interesting.

All thing considered, I have to believe that this pin is the real deal!

Thus the score



We continue tomorrow!


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