Disneyland Parks Pin Releases for Week of August 5th-August 11th

This week, pin releases at Disneyland Resort are exclusive to those attending the D23 Expo in Anaheim. This bi-annual event is essentially the comic-con of Disney fan events that draw celebrities, offer sneak peaks of movies, Discuss future Disney Parks attraction plans, and allow guests a peek behind the curtain of magic, so to speak. This event aims to be a grandiose affair in true Disney fashion.

With large events comes large offers of pins commemorating the event. This year is no different…

My pals, Chip and Dale.  This offering is likely the “official” pin of D23 2013. This LE 2000 pin features a piece of the banner from the original 2009 D23, in case you were wondering where it went.

Chip and Dale LE 1000 strained glass pin.  A LOT of stained glass offering are available at this event including…

This one…

and this one…

Maybe this one?

And the lowest LE (750), this Legends pin features an encased jewel at the top of the Disney Legends award.

I really like this next offering (also available only at D23) the D23 mystery set.  Mystery sets typically feature one visible pin and one mystery pin per box.  There is a little bit of something for everybody within this group.  I especially love that Cheshire Cat makes an appearance.

One more new offering this week…to D23 attendees (you get the idea) is the Disney Pixar Shorts Mystery Sets.  This is a great idea for a set, although I am a little disappointed not to see an homage Geri’s Game, which was featured in A Bug’s Life.

If you have the means, get on out and attend D23 and learn about all the great projects that Disney has in store…and buy pins!


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