The Cast Lanyard Experiment: Part 5 – Chip and Dale Summer

Moving along with the Cast Lanyard Experiment, today we take a look one of my favorite collectible duos, Chip and Dale.

photo (5)

On the left you see my version of the Hidden Mickey featuring Chip and Dale catching a few rays.  On the right is the Pinpics image of the legitimate.

Fake pins may come and go, but when you are messing with my favorite fellas, I take it personal.

The first thing to notice is Chip and Dale’s faces.  You will notice that on my pin , the faces pretty much match the background and core of the sun.  On the legitimate pin, the faces are distinctly different in color.

Also, hard to tell from the photo, but the outline of the chipmunks on the real version is black, while my version is silver.

While the off-colors are an immediate giveaway, you can also feel around the edges of the pin. Unfortunately my pin is definitely sharp with burrs around the points.  Real pins should be smooth (minus and handling from previous owners.

Also, on each fake Hidden Mickey Pin I have encountered so far, the stamps on the back just seem weird to me.  The best way to describe it some version of Comic Sans font that reads “Hidden Mickey Pin 2 of 4”.   The official trading logo looks very cramped as well.  If you find yourself really straining to read the stamp, it is likely a fake.

Ah, so it goes.  Sad, but this one was a dead-giveaway.  Scrapper alert!


REAL – 2

Coming down to it.  One pin to go!


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