The Cast Lanyard Experiment: Part 6 – Pluto Face

Today we wrap up the cast lanyard experiment with the fifth and final completed pin trade.  I give you mouse’ best friend…

photo (6)

DLR – 2012 Hidden Mickey Completer – Character Faces Collection – Pluto (PWP)

This is a fairly recent pin from the Disneyland Resort Hidden Mickey series,  a completer pin from the 2012 Character Faces collection.  Completer pins are only available for purchase at Disney stores when you spend a certain amount of money, so I was pretty surprised to see one pulled off of a cast lanyard…and suspicious 🙂  Let’s take a look!

Nice and shiny!  That was my first thought when taking a look at this one.  legitimate Disney pins really pop off the metal when you rotate them in the light.  The quality just stand out.  The image is well-defined, with sharp lines and no blurring.

Edges are nice and smooth all the way around, and even though this chaser pin is slightly smaller that standard Disney pins it has a really nice, solid weight to it.  Pin backing is firm and secure and the stamp is clear and matches up perfectly to the online description.

100% legit!  A nice addition to the pin board  as well.

Final tally:

Scrapper- 2

Real – 3

So there you have it, a mixed-bag to be certain.  While I certainly don’t agree with guests taking advantage of the “no pin refused” rules associated with trading with a cast member, I can’t say that I really blame them for doing so.  Collecting Disney pins is definitely not the cheapest endeavor and the temptation to purchase “100% tradeable” pins for pennies on the dollar can definitely be justifiable in the minds of many, especially when considering all the other costs that go into a Disney trip, why not save a buck or two?

That being said, it certainly does tend to mute a potential enjoyable experience trading in the Disney parks. Law of averages, when you are dealing with large groups of people, there are going to be a certain percentage that won’t follow the guidelines of pin-trading.  When you consider the massive crowds that visit the parks each year, this percentage grows substantially as well.  Fake pins on lanyards are a result of the law of averages.

But don’t let it get you down.  By exercising a little bit of judgement and educating yourself to scrapper identification, you can go into a trade with confidence, and take part in what is meant to be a great interactive experience between guest and cast member.

Happy hunting!


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