Disneyland Parks Pin Releases for Week of August 12th to August 18th

After the highly popular D23 event Rolled into the Kingdom and stole the stage (and the pins) last week, this week returns to the traditional park offerings, and a couple of nice ones at that.


This limited edition 1500 pin celebrates Labor Day with a hard-working pie-eyed Mickey and his best friend Pluto. Mickey is eating a well deserved meal after a tough morning hauling bricks while Pluto is clearly the foreman of the operation. Hey pup, put on a helmet!

This pin may very well need to land on my attractions pin board. When most people think of Splash Mountain, they think of the flume drop near the end of the ride.

Me? I dread the drop. I used to loath the fact that I would wait in a log hot line for an hour to the drop over a cliff. Nope. My favorite memory is the euphoric feeling after surviving the plunge, and then coming around the corner to a happy critter sing-a-long!


I think this is one of the more detailed and festive shows of animatronics in the park, and often makes soggy log riders burst in to song, momentarily forgetting the fact that their phone may never work again and they are going to have wet underwear for a couple of hours.

Not exactly sure how this series release works. You get a bracelet behind the Rainforest Cafe which entitles you to purchase one of these pins, of which there are only 1000. My advice is to arrive plenty early and maybe grab a Jamba Juice as well!

Happy hunting!





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