Disney Parks Poster Series – August

Whenever a new, limited edition pin comes out at the Disneyland Parks, it is always an adventure trying to obtain them.  I don’t live remotely close to the parks, so that basically means that I am at the mercy of online sellers.  Will the pins be listed online, and above all else, can I get one at a decent price?

I am happy to report the answer is yes and yes!


2013 Poster Series August – Train

I love pins that incorporate a lot of different elements.  You can tell that a lot of time and love went into the LE 2000 poster art series, and this pin is no exception.  Disney Design Group artist Jonathan Bishop create this masterpiece that celebrate several Disneyland Parks rides and iconic structures all in one tiny little pin. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, Mickey’s Funwheel, Matterhorn, Disneyland Train, Monorail, Soarin’, Earful Water Tower, and I think maybe Space Mountain and Thunder Mountain (I think) are all represented here.

I love the burnt orange color scheme on shiny black frame, as it perfectly represents the long,hot days of August.

I am also a big fan of the easel as well.  I love the idea of using it to display not only the poster series pins, but also to spotlight some of my other favorites as well. It’s just a really nice complimentary piece to this monthly poster series package and in my mind makes these pins a really nice find and a classy  to my collection.

Really looking forward to the final three posters of the year!


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