Collectible Disney Pin Series: New Orleans Square Part Two

Today, we continue to examine a couple of pins from the 2005 eight-pin New Orleans Square box set released for Disneyland’s 50th anniversary…

There is no sense boring you with the details of the “secret” Club 33 located at 33 Royal St in the Alleys of New Orleans Square.  The stories of this VIP lounge for corporate sponsors (33 originally?) as well as details of the inside of the building have all been revealed and made public.  Google away!

What I do find interesting about this pin and the small handful of its variations created over the years, is that people rarely sell or trade these pins.  Many covet the Club 33 pin as a grail of sorts that absolutely must stay in a collection.  Ironically, there is a members only version of this pin sold only within the confines of Club 33 that is highly traded and sold online. Go figure.

I can certainly think of more iconic sites within the park that I would rather be “the” grail of my collection.  I have mixed feelings about what Club 33 stands for.  Disney created Disneyland for everybody to enjoy, yet created an exclusive members only club as well?  I don’t really like how that sits, but regardless, these pins are highly sought after and definitely one of the hardest finds of all pins.

If you are looking for a lightning of polarizing views on this pin, just surf the Web a bit.  “Pirate Lassie” is located within the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the skeleton caves bar (where a skeleton is taking a “visible” swig all the way through his body.)

The controversy is around the provocative nature of the painting within the ride that chose to redo the scene of the pirates chasing the woman.  I have no problem with Disney changing the ride, nor do I have a problem with this painting staying in the ride.  I AM pretty interested in how they decided to make this a mainstream release pin during Disney’s 50th anniversary though.  You have a lingering issue brewing, and just decide to throw it onto a pin and release it.  Gotta love it!

Maybe this discussion was held at Club 33?



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