Collectible Disney Pin Series: New Orleans Square Part Four

Throughout the week, we have examined a special Disneyland 50th Anniversary eight-pin set commemorating the wonderful section of the Disneyland Park that is New Orleans Square. Today we conclude the series with a couple classics…

Disneyland has a lot of famous signage and marquees throughout the park. I would like to tell you that this marquee is one of he most famous…except that it does not exist* (maybe it exists). I have searched high and low for the “entrance to New Orleans Square” but unfortunately have come up empty. I still love this pin a ton, and added it to my pinboard several months ago. If anybody can please tell me where in the square this marquee exists, i would love to know!

And finally a lenticular pin that creeps the bejeezus out of me. Lenticular pins are very fancy and unique in that you are able to view a different image (or several different images) depending on the angle that you look at the pin.

This particular pin celebrates April/November, a standing piece within the portrait halls of the Haunted Mansion that up and disappeared after the holiday theme makeover in the winter of 2004. April/November was one of several framed photos that utilized a lighting trick to display the alternate image as guests walked the hallway. Newer (and better?) technology allowed for newer (and better) paintings to pull off this lighting trick. An incredibly detailed account of April/November can be found here.

It is unclear exactly where Miss April/December resides today, but for 1500 lucky pin owners, April is part of this fantastic collection.

So there you have it. An eight-pin classic. From pirates to skeletons, VIP Clubs to VIP dining, and oil paintings provocative and morbid, the set has something in it for everyone. An amazing collection that proudly represents the beauty and uniqueness of the Disneyland Park gem.


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