Disneyland Parks Pin Releases for Week of August 19th to August 25th

Happy New Release day!  Remember, these releases are for Disneyland and California Adventure only (well, maybe a joint release with WDW, BUT not just WDW).  Disneyland is on my side of the pond, so to speak, so I focus on the Disneyland Parks only.  For full releases today, check out this site.

Let’s see what is coming out today!

This LE 2000 pin sets the tone for the inevitable end of summer.  Fall has always been my favorite season anyways, so the combination of the great little furball duo and the changing leaves are a welcome site after a long, hot summer ’round these parts.

Whoa!  Hey now, talk about provocative pins!  This image can be found floating the Pirates of the Caribbean…just kidding.  Mickey and Minnie have been longtime sweethearts and occasionally Disney releases a pin that reminds us of the simple things in life.  We may worry about all the baggage that comes with a relationship.  Mickey and Minnie just want to share a milkshake at the diner.  Two straws, of course.

This pin is open edition, so feel free to spread the love around to friends and family.

Finally, this Windows to the Magic monthly series gives us a faux stained-glass window depicting and the un-beasty Beast.  The Windows to the Magic series is a tight LE 1000, so be prepared to bundle your little ones up early in this late summer chill to get in line for one of these.

Happy Hunting!


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  1. I love the Windows to the Magic pin! I mostly just collect Stitch pins but I will have to make an exception!

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